Meet the Distiller

I started out in 1988 with a single barrel and a home brew kit. My love for making my own beer, wine and spirits grew from there, winning a few awards for some of my creations at local shows in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

In May 2018 I became licenced so I could share my love of good quality spirits with other people. I currently run the operation alone focusing on local farmers markets, small businesses around the Colac area and to anyone else who is interested in what I make.

I try to grow the ingredients for my spirits at the distillery, but what I can’t grow myself I source from local producers. I also distill and age my spirits on site, with no externally sourced alcohol. I do not believe in adding any artificial colors or flavoring, meaning that each batch produced will taste slightly different depending on the seasons and some stocks are seasonal.

I regularly travel between Victoria and Tasmania and am happy to travel for small group tastings.

Stephen Moore – Master Distiller

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